Matthias Meyer-Schwarzenberger

Postdoctoral Fellow, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences
Associate Researcher, LCSR Higher School of Economics, Russia
Former Vice President, Federal Association of German Economists (bdvb)

Analyzing grammar as cumulative cultural capital

Over the centuries, Western languages have accumulated many grammar features which portray the human self as an active individual. In contemporary English, for instance, subjective experience is always expressed in nominative case, as if feeling was a transitive action.

Figure 2: Predominance of nominative case predicts the cultural level of individualism
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Welcome! Tracing political culture in grammar…

Is there a causal relationship between the grammatical structures of language and the acquisition of social norms? How do these cultural factors combine with social capital in the performance of political systems and economies?

Figure 1: Types of pronominal subjects in majority languages over 5 million speakers
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